About me

A Southerner displaced in the Midlands, I am a reader, writer, runner, knitter and mother. I like coffee and cake, conkers, and Christmas. I work full time in internal communications and spend a lot of time making lists.

As a writer, I am one of ‘Twenty-four Stories’ for Grenfell and a shortlistee for the Blue Pencil First Novel award 2018. I write short stories and flash fiction, creative non-fiction, and novels that are yet to be published. However, I firmly believe that there is value to writing for yourself, in crafting and making something out of the jumble of thoughts, and as a Wellbeing Champion I provide advice and guidance on ways that writing can help your wellbeing. By following me here or by my newsletter you will get help on deciding your writing goals and carving out time for your writing that feels useful to you, plus an advocate for bibliotherapy I talk about the benefits reading can bring to a busy life too and how to make the most of them.

I run reading and writing workshops for wellbeing online, and am an advocate for bibliotherapy and things bookish. 

You can sometimes catch me writing reviews for Nottingham’s Left Lion magazine.  However, even better, you can talk to me on Twitter or Instagram.

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