On audiobooks

In a fit of enthusiasm, I told a work colleague last week that I was doing so well with my running that I would be working up to doing regular 10ks. (This is true, though I thought I’d give myself a few more weeks to make sure I’ve really nailed the 5k but still.)

Her advice was to download audiobooks to listen to while I run. Music will only get me so far, she advised. You need to get stuck into something to take your mind off the running and the boring bits.

I’m not good at audiobooks. Sometimes I listen to podcasts at work but that’s it. No stories. In my mind I think I equate them with radio drama which in general I dislike. But I can see her point and I thought I should probably try it out. But what to listen to? I don’t want to download something I already have in book form, much of which isn’t necessarily strong on plot. I also don’t want thrillers, mainly as I’m weedy and running alone while listening to creepy things will freak me out.

I’m a little wary of audiobooks also, as I run along the ring road which is pretty noisy with traffic. I may not hear very much – you don’t get that trouble with AC/DC. As a backup I’ve got the Hamilton soundtrack which combines story with song so I figured that might work for me.

But I’m open to audiobook suggestions so if anyone has anything they’d like to recommend please get in touch!

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