Where am I? Researching a location

A few months ago I submitted a piece for feedback – it was a conversation between two protagonists, one secretly bidding the other farewell as she resolves not to see him again. The feedback I received was all to do with how poor the location work was – about how the reader needs to trust… Continue reading Where am I? Researching a location

Austen Project – Sense and Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility by Joanna Trollope that is. An updated version. I signed up for this project because I genuinely thought it would be interesting. I didn’t subscribe to the view that this would be a dumbing down exercise. There have been fabulous modern day adaptations of Austen and I enjoyed them as much (and… Continue reading Austen Project – Sense and Sensibility

Diary entry: a rainy Monday morning

The bus is late and the heavens, not content with soaking us for the last three days, have yet more rain to offer. I don’t usually work Mondays but I have non-negotiable training today and a trip to Birmingham awaits. When it turns up, the damp bodies and gloomy atmosphere make the crowding seem worse.… Continue reading Diary entry: a rainy Monday morning

Fantastic classics

Joanna Trollope has said something a bit daft this week.  The gist of it was that she was concerned that young people read too much fantasy fiction and that they should be reading the classics instead. The classics will equip them better for the big bad wide world. It’s similar to the statement made recently… Continue reading Fantastic classics