Review: Take my Hand by Dolen Perkins-Valdez

Well this couldn’t have been published at a more appropriate time. As I write, the current clampdown on reproductive freedom in the US is getting more and more extreme; there are ongoing race relations issues all across the world and discussions about how we tell the stories of past atrocities are still being hotly debated;… Continue reading Review: Take my Hand by Dolen Perkins-Valdez

Review: And A Dog Called Fig by Helen Humphreys

The sub-title of this book is Solitude, Connection, The Writing Life. Having said that, this is mainly a book about dogs, and less about writing. This is not a bad thing; there is a space for examining relationships with animals and nature and how these can impact on our comfortable routines. Humphreys seems to be… Continue reading Review: And A Dog Called Fig by Helen Humphreys

January reading round up

Before we start, I published December’s reading round up and then promptly finished reading another book that I hadn’t included. So in the interests of completion, here is one further book I read last year: A Winter Away – Elizabeth Fair This is a reissue of a book published originally in the 1950s and one… Continue reading January reading round up

March non-reading hiatus

Well, who knew the first thing to desert me in a time of national crisis is my desire and ability to lose myself in a book? And bearing in mind that I started March so excited by the publication of The Mirror and The Light it’s just really rubbish timing. I’m 250 pages in, can’t… Continue reading March non-reading hiatus

February reading round up

The Secrets of Strangers – Charity Norman I received an early copy of this (published May 2020) on Netgalley. ‘Women’s fiction’ is a genre that often gets belittled or derided but it contains some absolute gems that offer a really good read, with strong characters and emotional depths. The Secrets of Strangers is one such… Continue reading February reading round up