Reading for Wellbeing: Comfort reads

I don’t know about you but this seems the perfect time for some comfort reads. I have a stack of old favourites that I re-read every so often for comfort and companionship but once in a while, it can be good to seek out new comforts too. Today I’m going to discuss two that you… Continue reading Reading for Wellbeing: Comfort reads

Reading for Wellbeing: Wintering by Katherine May

This year I’m going to spend some time looking at bibliotherapy: the practice of reading and writing for wellbeing. So once in a while I’ll be reviewing and discussing books that can help your sense of wellbeing. Today, I’m looking at Wintering by Katherine May. Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times… Continue reading Reading for Wellbeing: Wintering by Katherine May

Clearing out your books

Happy New Year! I’m not one for quantities of New Year Resolutions but I do tend to have a clearout around this time. A clean and clear out, once the decorations are down, makes it a little bit easier to face January. Lockdown, and especially working from home, has made me dissatisfied with the number… Continue reading Clearing out your books

November’s reading

November was a strange month for reading and I had long swathes where I just didn’t seem to read much at all. I still have three books I’ve started and am taking a while to get through. But what did I finish this month? Here you go: The Light Keeper’s Daughters – Jean E Prendziwol… Continue reading November’s reading