To read: 2017

My ‘to read’ list currently looks like this: Every New Year I resolve to read more non-fiction, so am feeling pleased that I’ve already put a history book on my reads of January list. Four biographies on this list, a book of essays and a book about sport is a good start. I also resolved… Continue reading To read: 2017

A Whitelaw Christmas Carol

December 1932 “Mum says don’t forget Christmas dinner,” said Daniel as he left The Whitelaw that afternoon, having safely delivered the account books. “Any time, she said, but we’ll probably eat about two or three-ish.” “I already told her there was no need,” said Tip. “I’ll be perfectly fine by myself. I’m not a charity… Continue reading A Whitelaw Christmas Carol

Review – NottWords workshop with Lara Elena Donnelly

There’s something decadent about knocking off work early to go to a writing workshop. And so it is with a light heart that I bid my work colleagues a good weekend and appear at the door to Nottingham Writers’ Studio on Friday afternoon for Lara Elena Donnelly’s workshop Who is your City? Lara starts us… Continue reading Review – NottWords workshop with Lara Elena Donnelly